Double rollo Duorollo Milano White pleated lake blackout rollo window rollo vis-tight privacy sunscreen curtains with volant beaded


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Brilliant Brand Double Rollo Duorollo Windowrollo (Zebra Perde)

ACTION: Please read!

Our high-quality double rollos are ONLY delivered with ceiling attachment!
We only process high-quality branded material.
Wall fasteners (drilling necessary) and window fasteners (drilling not necessary) can be ordered in our shop if desired SEPARAT.
Since we value professional products, each of our duo Rollos contains a cassette, which is made by hand.
Minimal scratches can occur during production!
Since the cassette is attached to your decke/wall or window, these chewinto are not visible at all.
You can remove the free pearls at any time and without any problems!
Product description: Double rollo including cassette
Aluminium cassettes size 8 x 8 cm (B x H)
Handmade & custom-made in Germany
Chain train on the right or left can be operated
Light filters, sunscreen, darkening
Exact adjustable and variable operability-up to 200 cm can be rolled out
Visual protection/visual – day & night
Fabric type: High-quality 100% polyester fabric
Care cleaning
Fabric width: About 4 cm narrower than ordered width
Fabric thickness: About 0.61 mm
Fabric weight: 200-210g/m²
Brand: Brilliant
Custom-made double rollo with cassette
Stable aluminum ceiling fastening clamps
Pearls and Volant easily removable
Measure correctly?
Wall attachment: Measure 10 cm more from the window on the right and left
Ceiling attachment: Measure 10 cm more from the window on the right and left