Double rollo Star Plissee Beige Gold glitter Gardine for Duorollo Window Rollo Blickdicht privacy sunscreen with pearl brilliant brand


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High quality double rollo blinds Duorollo window door Rollos Beige Gold glitter with Volant pearl

Brilliant double rollo – window door Rollos
Double rollo with cassette
Aluminium cassette 8 cm x 8 cm
Side train can be operated right or left.
100% polyester, care cleaning.
Eye-view/visual protection
Day and night, transparent air.
Blancling attachment clovers are supplied.

Wall and window attachment must be ordered separately.

Fabric width: About 4 cm narrower than ordered width
Our double rollo is required assembly manufacturing without installation.
High quality double rollo are decorative and unique window blinds curtains.
These can be used in a variety of ways, as they can be used, for example, as a visual density, sun protection, visual protection, or as decoration.
A double rollo, on the other hand, is made from two textile collars. Run two material afterwards.
Double rollos offer the advantage that different light plays can produce different spaces of light due to the different adjustment possibilities.
That the light can be regulated according to one's own needs.
With a stabilized chain train, the double rollos can be placed in exactly the position that is needed. What is not needed always remains in cassette. For example, if you need 140 cm rest of the material remains in cassette or 150,160,180 ... up to 200 cm.
With a double rollo, each room can be individually designed.

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