Wall Klemmer Double Rollo Duorollo Zebra Perde Gardinen Windowrollo Fixing Drilling Nous White Universal L form angle 2 pieces


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Double rollo Duorollo Zebra Perde Windowrollo Fixing Parts for WAND


Color: White aluminum, very stable suitable for all our Rollos Simple wall assembly.

Delivery: 2 pieces wall attachment L form. Without span (Klemmer), because Klemmer always delivered with rollos.

Again: Gelifert without span (klemmer) because double blinds always joyded with span and gives various sticky size for this we only ship clamp beams, inbuss keys and instructions ...!

Since there are different Rollo sizes, only the L-foot is supplied, without screws and without glue. Why, screws and clamps must be purchased separately as each wall and rollo has different dimensions. Just ask us if you are unsure, we are happy to help.